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Fluffy Pup in Modern Boho Floral Dog Bandana

FUNctional. Quality. Love.

We strive to enhance the lives of furry friends and their owners through stylish, high-quality, and functional accessories that are handmade with love and care in Nashville, TN.


We meticulously design and select the best fabrics, ensuring

that every stitch is thoughtfully placed to deliver the highest

quality products for your pup.

Handmade with Love.

At Eloise + Co, we're passionate about creating stylish and

practical accessories for your furry friends. We take pride in

crafting high-quality products that are not only adorable but

also functional, ensuring your pup feels as good as they look.

Every item is made with love and care becuse we know your

pet is more than just a pet - they’re family.

Modern Quality Dog Collar
Dog Mom and Puppy in Cute Dog Bandana

From the Owner

Howdy! I’m Nikki, owner of Eloise + Co, formerly known as The

Pandemic Pup. Our story was started with a desire to create

stylish and practical accessories for our CEO & best furry

friend, Eleanor. As a new puppy parent during the pandemic,

it wasn’t easy finding both unique and high-quality products,

so I drew on my childhood experience of sewing with my

mom to create my own line of accessories. It started with a

few bandanas for Eleanor, then word of mouth spread...


Today, as Eloise + Co, we're proud to offer our handmade accessories crafted locally in Nashville, TN.

Eloise + Co Employees

Puppy in Cute Flannel Dog Bandana
Cute Cat in Fringe Flannel Bandana
Dog Mom and Dog_edited.jpg

CEO - Eleanor

Just excited to be here. Craigslist mutt turned into CEO.

Quality Assurance Manager - Ember

Excellent at her job. Meticulously watches all products be made and lets me know when I'm doing something wrong.

Seamstress - Nikki

I just take orders from the other two. It's their world I'm just living in it!

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